About Us

Myriad Flowers International brings you 35 years of growing experience and is Owned and Operated by Harry and Michele Van Wingerden. We specialize in Hydroponic Roses, Pompon Chrysanthemums and a wide variety of field cut flowers. Our goal at Myriad Flowers is to fill your floral needs with superior quality products.

 Myriad Flowers is located along California's Central Coast about 5 miles south of Santa Barbara. With 15 acres of Rose greenhouses, 5 acres of Pompon greenhouses, and 15 acres of field flowers, Myriad Flowers sits on three separate locations throughout the Carpinteria Valley. Along with the 75 varieties of Roses and Pompons, crops like Tulips, Iris,  Gladiolas, Miniature Carnations, Freesias, Emile, are part of our current field production  in addition to Gypsophila, Statice, Solidaster and Sunflower. The latest additions are Lisianthus, Anemones, Ranunculus, Dahlias, Tuberose, Oriental and Asiatic lilies, Ornamental Cabbage, Marigold and Stephanotis. 

Our greenhouses and fields are under the supervision of very experienced growers. We are also on the cutting edge of technology, with our roses growing on coco coir and rockwool growing slabs These key ingredients enable us to bring uniform quality and great vase life.

At Myriad Flowers, our attention is focused on providing superior quality and excellent customer service. Our sales staff, shipping department, and all office personnel are knowledgeable of the varieties, colors and customer needs. Close interaction between management and staff enables us to provide you with the best possible care and handling of your orders. We're here to help you with every aspect of your floral needs.

Our Staff:

Owner operators:

Harry Van Wingerden
Michele Van Wingerden

CEO, Administration and Human Resources:

 Erik Van Wingerden

Sales and Marketing:

 Erik Van Wingerden
Vincent Lopez
Liz Presley
Sia Ayala

Grower and Integrated Pest Manager Consultant:

Debi Gust-Boerema


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