Rose Varieties


All of Myriad Flowers' roses are hydroponically grown. Hydroponic Tea, Intermediate, and Sweetheart Roses are sold in 25 stem bunches. Hydroponic Spray Roses are sold in 10 stem bunches w/ at least 3 blooms per stem.


Black Bacara: Dark velvet burgundy
Black Magic: Large Dark red
Bordeaux: Large deep red.
Kardinal: Traditional California red
Prestige: Strong red



All colors are sold as Long & Up with the majority cut in Fancy/Extra Fancy (60+cm) lengths.
Please remember that color description will vary with each individual's point of view.

Akito: Pure White
: Neon Pink

Ashlynn: White with Lavander Blush, Fragrant 
Avalanche: Pure White
Bella Vita: Pink with dark pink edge.
Blue Bird: Lavender
Blushing Akito: Medium Pink
Bridal Akito: Cream white with pink/blush
Cherry Brandy:
Hot pink/gold bicolor
: Coral pink
Bright Yellow Bicolor with Orange Edge
Cool Water: Deep Lavender
Dolce Vita: White with dark pink edge
Ilios: Pale yellow/hint of green
Lucky: White with hot pink edges
Marina: Hot pink
Milva: Dark orange
New Fashion: Burnt red/cream bicolor
Pacific Blue: Light Lavender
Pailine: Dark orange bi-color with yellow base
Papillon: Golden Yellow
Peach Avalanche: Soft pale peach.
Penny Lane: Large bright yellow
Ravel: Large Raspberry pink
Rhapsody: Medium Pink
Ruby Red: Red and white bicolor
Sahara: Sandy desert pink
Suela: Medium yellow
Super Green: Chartruese
Sweet Akito: Pale pink
Sweet Avalanche: Soft pale pink
Talea: Peachy pink cream
Tara: Bright yellow
Tropical Amazon: True bright orange
Vendela: Large Ivory cream
Violina: Pale yellow
Wow: Dark salmon orange
Yellow Island: Extra-large medium yellow


Our "Extreme" Roses are premium rose varieties with exceptional head size and great vase life. All are cut heavy to 60-70cm lengths.

Avalanche: Pure white
Sweet Avalanche: Soft pale pink
Peach Avalanche: Soft pale peach
Dolce Vita: White with a hot pink edge
Bella Vita: Pink with dark pink edge
Talea: Peachy pink cream
Cherry Brandy: Hot pink/gold bicolor.


Bride's Delight: Medium pink
Black Beauty: Dark burgundy
Broadway: Hot pink
Chelsea: Orange
Eskimo: Creamy white
Esther: Light Pink
Frisco: Bright Yellow
Medeo: Light peach
Sacha: Bright red
Tangelo: Coral pink
Valerie: Soft pink


Alegria: Dark orange
Babe: Bright orange
Cream Gracia: Cream/off white
Creme Bouquet: Pale yellow
Dark Diadeem: Hot pink (Summer/Fall only)
Diadeem: Medium pink (Summer/Fall only)
Electra: White bicolor with hot pink edge
Fleur: Salmon pinky/peach
Flair: Yellow
Hannah: Dusty pink
Jana: Cream with blush
Lavender Folies: True lavender
Lovely Lydia: Hot pink
Light pink
Mikado: Red
Red Angel: Bright red
Ruby Star: Red and white bicolor
Rumba: Yellow with red tips
Sun City: Bright yellow
Tamango: Burgundy Red
Vanilla Bouquet: Ivory
Vivianne: Pure white



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