All of Myriad Flowers' roses are hydroponically grown. Hydroponic Tea, Intermediate, and Sweetheart Roses are sold in 25 stem bunches. Hydroponic Spray Roses are sold in 10 stem bunches w/ at least 3 blooms per stem.


Black Bacara: Dark velvet burgundy
Black Magic: Large Dark red
Bordeaux: Large deep red.
Kardinal: Traditional California red
Prestige: Strong red



All colors are sold as Long & Up with the majority cut in Fancy/Extra Fancy (60+cm) lengths.
Please remember that color description will vary with each individual's point of view.

Akito: Pure White
Aqua: Neon Pink

Ashlynn: White with Lavander Blush, Fragrant 
Avalanche: Pure White
Bella Vita: Pink with dark pink edge.
Blue Bird: Lavender
Blushing Akito: Medium Pink
Bridal Akito: Cream white with pink/blush
Cherry Brandy: Hot pink/gold bicolor
Cinderella: Coral pink
Circus: Bright Yellow Bicolor with Orange Edge
Cool Water: Deep Lavender
Dolce Vita: White with dark pink edge
Ilios: Pale yellow/hint of green
Lucky: White with hot pink edges
Marina: Hot pink
Milva: Dark orange
New Fashion: Burnt red/cream bicolor

Pacific Blue: Light Lavender
Pailine: Dark orange bi-color with yellow base
Papillon: Golden Yellow
Peach Avalanche: Soft pale peach.
Penny Lane: Large bright yellow

Ravel: Large Raspberry pink
Rhapsody: Medium Pink
Ruby Red: Red and white bicolor
Sahara: Sandy desert pink
Suela: Medium yellow
Super Green: Chartruese
Sweet Akito: Pale pink
Sweet Avalanche: Soft pale pink
Talea: Peachy pink cream
Tara: Bright yellow
Tropical Amazon: True bright orange
Vendela: Large Ivory cream
Violina: Pale yellow
Wow: Dark salmon orange
Yellow Island: Extra-large medium yellow


Our "Extreme" Roses are premium rose varieties with exceptional head size and great vase life. All are cut heavy to 60-70cm lengths.

Avalanche: Pure white
Sweet Avalanche: Soft pale pink
Peach Avalanche: Soft pale peach
Dolce Vita: White with a hot pink edge
Bella Vita: Pink with dark pink edge
Talea: Peachy pink cream
Cherry Brandy: Hot pink/gold bicolor.  


Bride's Delight: Medium pink
Black Beauty: Dark burgundy
Broadway: Hot pink
Chelsea: Orange
Eskimo: Creamy white
Esther: Light Pink
Frisco: Bright Yellow
Medeo: Light peach
Sacha: Bright red
Tangelo: Coral pink
Valerie: Soft pink 


Alegria: Dark orange
Babe: Bright orange
Cream Gracia: Cream/off white
Creme Bouquet: Pale yellow
Dark Diadeem: Hot pink (Summer/Fall only)

Diadeem: Medium pink (Summer/Fall only)
Electra: White bicolor with hot pink edge
Fleur: Salmon pinky/peach
Flair: Yellow
Hannah: Dusty pink
Jana: Cream with blush
Lavender Folies: True lavender
Lovely Lydia: Hot pink
Lydia: Light pink
Mikado: Red
Red Angel: Bright red
Ruby Star: Red and white bicolor
Rumba: Yellow with red tips
Sun City: Bright yellow
Tamango: Burgundy Red
Vanilla Bouquet: Ivory
Vivianne: Pure white